Chili Social

Thursday night Intervarsity hosted a chili pot luck. After we ate there was time to hang out. We had a nerf gun war and there were plenty of other games to take part in. Advertisements

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Positive Thoughts

This board is meant for students to start their day off in a positive way. students can pass it and read a quote or saying as they head to class. It’s important to surround yourself with positivity a especially during the winter blues season.

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Arts and crafts in the restore

Last week a resident and I were able to partake in a craft event held at the restore on campus. We were able to make cards, flower holders and inspirational boards out of recycled materials. We put old chemistry equipment, recycled folder and worn down boards to good use! If anyone is interested in doing […]

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Cupcake Diversity

Jarren and I put on a hall event last week in the KCMR. We had a bunch of undecorated cupcakes with all different types of frosting. Each topping meant something different and if that topping represented you you put it on your cupcake. After all of the toppings and their meanings were stated everyone saw […]

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Last night a resident and I were able to attend the Black Minds Matter event facilitated by Dr. King. We watched a live interview that stressed the issues black men and boys have throughout their schooling. Then we were able to have an informal conversation with Dr. King about what we wanted to see in […]


Fishy Bags

Everyone on 2 South received their very own fish in a bag. There are all different types of fish of all different shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s always good to remember and appreciate differences between others and yourself.

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