Dr. Suess Board

I started this board because I really like Dr. Suess books but I ended up learning quite a bit. Dr. Suess was largely involved in twentieth century controversies. From the Depression to the Cold War Suess was influencing the public with his art. I think it’s important to note that he struggled all throughout his […]

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Update on Banner

Melissa and I finished painting the banner last night and she did an awesome job. I painted the pillar and the earth but she did most of the lettering and outlined the world with glitter. She made it look awesome. Tonight I’m going to head over to the student center to put some grommets on […]

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Career Fair

I got to join Lexi for her very first career fair last Wednesday! It was nice being able to give her advice on what to wear and how she should introduce herself to the employers. If any of you missed out this fall don’t feel down! There is another career fair in the spring. It’s […]

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New door decs coming soon!

I’ve made everyone a mini chalk board to add a little nostalgia to their college experience. We live in a world of technology but I can’t be the only one who remembers my grade school teachers giving every student a chalk board to practice math problems or spelling words. Just think, we were probably the […]

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Tie-dying with SWE

SWE held a tie-dying social last week and although only Kaylin could come I really enjoyed her company. Hopefully on my next spontaneous adventure more of us can go have fun. Thanks again Kaylin for joining me! I’m glad your shirt turned out better than mine. ­čÖé The next SWE social will be a trip […]

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Intervarsity Dinner!

Last night there was great representation from Brockert Hall at the Intervarsity meeting. I appreciate the opportunity to eat dinner with everyone. Our conversation about ancestors was super intriguing and I enjoyed learning more about what Intervarsity is.

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Golden Apple Door Decs.

As many of you know our hall theme for welcome weekend was Greek gods and goddesses. Although Atlas is actually a titan I picked him for our wing because he’s a pretty tough but genuine guy. Hercules came up to him one day trying to complete a task. He told Atlas that he would take […]

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