Positive Thoughts

This board is meant for students to start their day off in a positive way. students can pass it and read a quote or saying as they head to class. It’s important to surround yourself with positivity a especially during the winter blues season. Advertisements

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Paint Night!

On Wednesday night we had a paint night! This was a great way for everyone to get together one last time and paint! Plus it was really nice to take a break from all our homework and studying to just relax and destress!

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Paint Night!🎨🎨

Last night Brockert Hall hosted a Paint Night! We had a great time and this was a great time to relax/de-stress! Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed themselves! Be on the look out for a 2S Paint Night!

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The Elephant in the Room

This board provides tips on how to talk to your roommate about conflict in your room.  This is probably one of the hardest topics residents struggle with but it is also one of the most important things roommates should be able to do to maintain a good relationship! Check out and have the conversation!

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Friday Night Club

Last night myself and couple of ladies attended Hugunin’s Pancake dinner.  We also went with 2 North and 4 South.  We had a great time eating pancakes and playing cards! This was a really nice way to relax after the stressful week #8 we had!  

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Stand-Up Saturday

Last Saturday, a few of us attended Stand Up Saturday to relax after the stressful week we all had. This was a great time to just sit back and have a good laugh! We will have to go as a group again to the next one!

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Coffee and Crafts

Brady and I attended the Creative Expressions event “Coffee and Crafts”!  We watched the movie Minions, sipped on coffee, and painted!  We both were very excited to have the down time to do something we both really enjoy!  This was a very relaxing event and we had  a great time!

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Wing Dinner

Last Thursday, two residents and myself went to Bridgeway for dinner! It was nice to sit down, hang out, and talk about life!  We had some great conversation and laughs!  Plus it was great to just relax and enjoy a good meal with some great people! I hope next time we have a few more […]

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February is Boost Self Esteem Month and I have put up a bulletin board on ways to boost self esteem.  This board includes healthy ways to change your body (if you want to), ways to improve self image, and illnesses that can result from poor self image.  Check this out and appreciate yourself for who […]

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