On Saturday Jarren and I had residents watch an episode of a Netflix Original called Black Mirror. As we watched the show we were able to enjoy popcorn and cookies. When the episode ended I had residents answer a few prompts about dehumanization and how it related to the Black Mirror episode.

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New Bulletin!

This is a positive bulletin located across from the desk. It has famous and not so famous quotes to support and inspire the LGBTQ+ community.

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Swimming on Campus

On Friday I got to enjoy some time at the UWP indoor pool with another resident. A lot of people aren’t aware that UWP offers time for lap and leisure swimming. If you go on the school website you can find more details about the pool and its hours.

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Dusty Hatz

Earlier this week I went with a group of people to the Haus to go enjoy some live music. Dusty Hatz was on the 4th season of the voice and he’s a phenomenal musician. It was a lot of fun and I highly encourage anyone to go when the Haus hosts another live performance.

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